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Back in Business

You never realize just how dependent we really are on technology until something breaks. I have been "without laptop" for a few weeks now and I have been totally lost. When I got the news today that my laptop was ready, I was all excited about getting back to my blog and GPT sites only to realize "I'm totally lost" with lost being the keyword. I lost my documents, my favorites, and everything else that I've forgotten about over the past few weeks. I spent most of the day trying to remember what was on here to begin with and the rest of the day getting my GPT's back in order. The biggest lesson I learned from all of this is "backup" your documents. Some things I didn't have a problem retrieving because I email a lot of documents so they were still there on my email, so I only lost recently added information. The other problem I am having is trying to remember the cool, I mean, important programs I had downloaded.

I'm slowly making progress. I am going to be spending this weekend trying to get my GPT up and running which I am having so much trouble. It seems like I had all this gumption thinking about it and as soon as I do something about it, everything else around me starts falling apart. I am making that one of my goals this month, to diligently work on the site until it's ready.

My other goal is to do an overhaul of this blog. The famous Uncle Ken at The Money Blog did a review of Finding Money Online last month and he has some valid points when it comes to my weaknesses. First, I would like to thank Uncle Ken for choosing Finding Money Online to do his first Blog Review...I feel honored. Second, I am thankful that he posted the good and the bad so I know exactly what needs to be done. What's the purpose in doing a review if it's not an accurate intepretation of what you're gonna get. So with review in hand and New Year's Resolutions on paper, I am dedicated to turning Finding Money Online into a blog people look forward to reading.


The Exile said...

Welcome back!

Let me be the first, I think, to congratulate you - I see that your blog has now gone up to a Google Page Rank Three. Nice work!

The bad news is that The Money Blog dropped a spot and is now also a GPR-3. Never mind...

flanok said...

There is no doubt that the information stored on a coumputer or even the access it gives, is often worth more than the computer itself.
Everytime I buy anew one, I always back up my material, but afetr a wheil I get lazy, until this new one also breaks.

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