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Don't Let the Monkeys Enforce Murphy's Law

Never, I repeat, never say out loud...What else can go wrong? I don't know if it is fate that likes to play tricks on us or just plain old Murphy's Law, but it seems like if one thing seems to be going good, then something else is going to come along and throw a monkey in my wrench...or is that a wrench in my monkey?

First things first...I started this blog with all good intentions to let everyone know what I'm doing to make money online. Well, it seems that as fast as I can make it, one more thing in life requires money.

It all started when I decided to pay off some debt. I did get one credit card paid off, but unfortunately, Christmas rolled around and I used it for a little Black Friday shopping. The plan is to pay the balance each month, or at least half. Anyway, I thought to myself, man, this debt payoff is moving pretty smooth and based on my scientific calculations...er, actually Dan's Super Snowball Calculator, I should have all my credit cards and personal loans paid off in only 9 months. Well, I did not take into consideration those little WTM's (Wrench Toting Monkeys) that seem to pop up out of no where.

Just to give you an idea, these are my latest little WTM's:

Brake job and 2 tires (to replace the badly worn, daily self-flattening rear tires) $200.00

Daily laundry drop off service for the past 2 weeks (I think my washing machine slung a rod!) $200

  • NSF charges for not paying attention to my newly started checkbook register $175

Still searching for happiness...priceless.

I will go back to the drawing board tonight, make a stronger commitment with that checkbook register, and scientifically recalculate that snowball plan and get back on track.


Springer said...

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Tammy said...

I haven't checked in with you in a while and I just wanted to see how you were. Hope your great! :o)

email marketing software said...

I have several wrenches in my monkey lately, or was that monkeys in my wrenches. EIther way, I totally understand what you are saying. Life has ways of throwing things at you to change the plans you have spent so much time making.
I have spent years learning to go with the flow, it's a habit that is serving me well.

pets for sale said...

It seems like several people have had monkies in their wrenches lately. It is costing more and more to live and the paychecks are not keeping pace.

70-284 said...

You are absolutely right.I 100% agree with you that Murphy law exists.Thanks for sharing such an awesome thoughts.