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Sheryl's GPT Sites

I have moved My Current Earnings previously listed on the main page to its own link. I will go in and add all the details to each GPT. If they are working sites, meaning I'm not wasting my time, I will add a banner and a review...mainly to save you time.

Almighty Incentives $35.23 **Payment Confirmed**

Anything Free 4 You $5.93

Beach Bums $5.85

Bowling for Cash $6.42

Bux.to $5.91

Cash 4 the Bank $0.20

Cash 4 Cruises $4.06

CashCrate $53.76 **Payment Confirmed**

Cash Duck $0.00

Cash Fiesta $1.66
Free money making opportunity

Cash Holiday $2.05

Cash Lagoon $2.00
Cash Lagoon

Cash Squadron $1.00 **NEW** Be the first to sign up!

Cash St. $4.15

Chillin Cash $1.40

ClixSense $1.77

Deal Barbie Pays $8.00

Deal Barbie Pays Fast $0.50

Deal Ken Rewards $0.00

Democracy Dough $15.10

Disco Dollars $1.75

DIY.FMSfreebies.com $0.00

Dollar Pays $0.00

Duke of Dollars $1.00

Fairway Cash $3.40

Fairytale Treasures $3.44

Fat Wallet $25.19 Cashback for shopping...$5.00 signup bonus **Payment Confirmed**

Freebies Junction $246.11 **Formerly PickUpLoot

Freebies On Tap $0.30

Froggy Funds $6.80

Fully Plugged $5.89

Fusion Cash $5.00
Free Money at FusionCash!

Gangster Greed $0.00

Get Free Referrals

Gypsy Jackpot $5.00

Inbox Dollars $9.52

InstantProfitz $5.00
Get Instant Profitz!

Jill's Click Corner $0.12

Leprechaun's Loot $0.75

Let's Break Records $4.07

Link Grand $0.77

Make That Dollar $1.00

Manderines Money $0.00

Media Dollarz $0.00

Mommies Pay $3.00 New Site...be the first to sign up!

Monster Pays Cash $0.80

Mora Traffic $15.43

My Cash Honey $8.00

My Cash Safari $3.00

My Doggie Dollars $20.22 **Payment Confirmed**

My Lot Paid to Post Blogs $0.00

My Piggy Bank Cash $2.10 Site has Been Suspended

Offers Junction (paypal)

Offer Realm $1.00

Party Cash GPT $3.00

Pay Cage $2.00

Penguin Party Cash $3.25

Quick Rewards $35.09 **Payment Confirmed**

Race 4 Offers $20.84 **Payment Confirmed**

Raining Riches $27.89 **Payment Confirmed**

Revolution Offers $62.61 **Payment Confirmed**

SendEarnings $10.35

Sit Home Cash $3.00

Snap Dollars $7.16

Spare Stash $8.22 Site has Been Suspended

Sparkle Dollars $1.97

Squishy Cash $17.00

Star Referrals (Earn Stars for Free Referrals)

Sunshine Rewards $2.61
Sunshine Rewards

Swat Cash $5.00

Tik Tik Cash $15.40

Treasure Cities $6.00

Treasure Troopers $1.50

Tropical Travel Rewards $3.75

True Free Money $5.00

WAHM Bucks $26.84

YAP $5.82


Spring said...

I was looking at all the sites your with and your with ALOT! but there is one I am with that I dont see on your site. Please check out my blog and see if your interested in instant profitz. here is the link http://springingoutofdebt.blogspot.com/2007/09/instantprofitz.html

Jackie said...


Do you keep track of the offers you complete? I tried doing it with a spreadsheet, but I spent more time doing that than actually completing offers.

I would like to sign up for more GPT's, but I don't want to if they're just a bunch of duplicate offers.

Poor Money Makin' said...

Hey Sheryl! You have a couple different GPTs (almighty incentives and fully plugged) that I hadn't heard of so I signed up under you- I may not earn a whole lot of referral money for ya right away, but i will try to complete offers on the sites i registered for eventually!

i noticed that you didn't list Disco Dollars, one of the GPT programs I really like and use a lot! I just made my first payout with them- feel free to sign up under my ref. link!

have a great day!


my disco dollars link:

Poor Money Makin' said...

oops- i didn't realize i had already signed up for almighty incentives awhile ago. i guess i need to get more organized.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dood what sheryl's blog does is to point you the way to earning free money..
It's not just handed to you have have to work for it.
What makes it free is that the programs listed are free to join and many of the offers are free as well.But you must take the time to earn the money yourself.

Behnood said...

Hey, don't forget http://marvamoney.com

I Need Money said...

Hey Sheryl those are a great list of sites. Good to see that you got paid. Kepp up the nice work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheryl, you should also put GypsyJackpot.com on your list. They're my absolute favorite GPT.

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