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Survey Says!

Have you ever received those emails..."You're invited to take a survey and we'll pay you $5 for your time" only to click the link, complete about 10 pages worth then to find out that you didn't qualify? Didn't qualify? Then why in the world did you send me the invitation in the first place?

When I started doing GPT's, along the way I accumulated a few survey sites. It was exciting to get those first few emails taunting me with the $5 PayPal rewards. I diligently clicked those links only to find out that I didn't qualify. After a few weeks of rejection...the self-esteem can only take so much...I stopped clicking and started deleting them whenever I received then. Last month, I saw one that caught my eye...$100 for a 30 minute phone survey. I thought, "well, if I don't "qualify" no big deal, but what if I do. That's $100 for nothing. So I set up my appointment and they called, right on time I might add. It felt like it was about an hour's worth of talking but I listened to the questions, answered honestly as possible and the whole time I was thinking "any minute she's going to tell me I didn't qualify." Before I knew it, the survey was over. That was a Tuesday. Thursday afternoon there was a $100 check in my mailbox. I couldn't believe it. First of all, I qualified...second of all, I actually got paid!

From that point forward, I have clicked every survey invitation that I get and lo and behold, I qualified...most of the time. Here are a few of my favorites, so try them out if you're not already a member. If you are and you haven't "qualified" in a while, maybe now is the time.

MyView $31.00
I like MyView the best because their surveys pay straight to PayPal and they range from $2 to $5 (maybe more, but that's what I have received). The only drawback is it can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to actually receive the money in PayPal. They also do product testing which is always fun around my house.

Lightspeed 1175 Points
Payouts start around 500 points. They offer surveys for the whole family, too. My 9 year old daughter received an invitation for a home survey. She received $10 in the mail and once she completes the 2 week survey, she will receive an additional $50.

E-Poll Surveys 1100 Points
$5 Gift cards start at 3500 points or you can donate to charity at 2500 points.

Synovate Global Opinion Panel 2320 Points
Prizes start at 5000 points. Most of these surveys seem pretty easy to qualify for.

Vindale Research $2.00
This is a mix of surveys and GPT. Most of them are trials, but they do have some surveys. Unfortunately, their minimum payout is $50.00.


Ashley said...

Great blog!!! I personally can't stand GTP sites. I've never made any money at them. I never qualify for the surveys and the offer just forget them they take way too long.

Tammy said...

I hate those surveys! It drives me batty when I take the time to go to the site and then I can't do the survey. Have a great weekend!

tracy said...

Hi! You have a very informative blog and I love it. I would like to ask though (since I find you very experienced in earning money online), how do I know that the sites are not a spam?

Tammy said...

Hi! How have you been? I hope you have a great weekend! Tammy

Dian H said...

I like your blog, very good subject matter. I did have a problem with the MyView site. There seems to be no place to register. When I click on the link in your blog it just goes to a login screen that gives some information about the site but no information or button to use to register with the site. I even tried to just look up the site through Google and get the same screen. Perhaps there is a problem with the MyView site or maybe they don't want anyone else to register.
Thanks for the information

Sheryl said...

Thanks Dian H. I think you get to MyView through Surfbounty.com. I was already a member of MyView, but now the email says, brought to you by SurfBounty.com. I will try to find a referral link.