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Where's the Money, huh?

I have been on a weeklong quest of searching for money. I know...get a job, right? Well, I have a job, pays fairly well, but unfortunately, I seem to be living on the outside of my means. It seems like since the beginning of time, or at least the beginning of my working career, we have always lived paycheck to paycheck. Well, I'm sick and tired of checking that account balance every minute only to realize that I have spent way too much money this month.

So, my plans are to utilize the internet. So far, not bad. I found one site that got me started, CashCrate. If you're interested, click my link so I can get credit and you will be added to my referrals. I signed up on 8/29 and I have made $19.20. I guess I will be a believer when the check comes. After the end of the month, they process your earnings and you are supposed to receive your check around the 20th. Okay, waiting on 9/20...very patiently, okay not so patiently, but I am waiting...diligently.

When I get into this good, I will post more links for everyone...hey wait a minute, nobody ever visits my blog. Wonder how I will get people here? If anybody out there just happens across my blog, please offer any suggestions to getting folks to visit.


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Nice blog. Thats all.

640-721 said...

Thanks for sharing.I have joined cash crate previously but they provided very less number of cent per click.More I have joined many of sites before six months and now most of them are down.So I have no trust for paid to click sites.

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