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Secret to Success...Referrals

I have learned very quickly that the secret to success in making that darn minimum payout requires two things: (1) getting offers to approve and (2) referrals. Some of the GPT sites will sell you referrals who have not linked through anyone else. I think that is a good idea, but for me I really didn't want to spend the money until I knew that the GPT would actually pay. Eventually, I may decide to purchase referrals, but I would rather wait and see what happens.

When I first realized that someone had signed up through my referral link, I was excited. Now that they're actually earning money, I'm ecstatic. In one day, I earned $15.oo from referrals alone. It made me stop and think about all the GPT sites that I had signed up for. Every single site was through an individual's link, so that means that they are earning more money because of me as well. I really like the fact that I can help someone by doing something that is also benefiting me.

I think if we all work together and join GPT sites through our fellow blogger's links, that everyone will reap the rewards. This is a challenge to all GPT bloggers out there, or anyone who wants to get started in Get Paid To (GPT) sites, to find a blog that you enjoy and link a GPT that you are not already a member. Not only will you earn money along the way, you make some fantastic friends that will bend over backward to help you.


Jacqueline said...

Very well said! Some people just don't like to sign up under someone and intentionally go around referral links. Yet, when they join a program, they immediately start looking for referrals. When we give each other a helping hand, we all profit. Do unto others others....