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I've Reached the Summit...okay, maybe a peak.

I've finally reached the minimum payout on four GPT sites. Seems like it took forever, but it only took 10 days. I guess another thing that makes this "not so exciting" is that one of the sites minimum was $1.00 and one site didn't even have a minimum. Here they are listed below and I will keep you posted on payments received. I don't want to do any major reviews or a lot of hard work on a GPT that is not actually going to pay...but we will see.

Let me know how you like the banners. I didn't want to make a gazillion of them unless they were good sites. Ok, so much for the banners, I can't get them to work right now...but give me a few days. Finally got the banners to work.

Almighty Incentives $6.00

The minimum payout is only $5.00 and they automatically payout at the end of the month. Hopefully, my balance will be a lot higher by the 30th.

CashCrate $30.15

The minimum payout is $10.00 and they automatically payout at the end of the month. My payout from August is $19.20 and it's in process (check mailed 9/18/07). The current balance for September is only $8.55, so I better get on the ball with this one if I want to make September. It's been at a stand still recently...nothing has approved all week. Update: The check is showing mailed 9/18/07 and my September earnings are now $10.95. Two offers have approved this week.

Monster Pays Cash $0.80

There is no minimum payout and you can request payout at any time. I really didn't want to request anything this low, but I do want to make sure they are actually paying before I put a lot of time and effort into working this GPT. It's a low balance because I haven't done much with it lately.

Race 4 Offers $2.78

The minimum payout is $1.00 and you can request payout at any time. Same goes for this GPT...just started it yesterday, but I really want to know if it's paying.

I'll update these again when I receive payment and I will start reviewing them. Update: The payment is still listed as pending since 9/13/07.

Happy Clicking!


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