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GPT...Is Free Money for Everyone?

Known throughout the "earn money online" community as GPT, Get Paid To sites are becoming quite popular, as well as addictive.

The GPT sites offer their members a percentage of their advertisers payments by having the members either visit an advertiser's site, sign up for the advertiser's product or service, or make a purchase through a specific link. You become a member by signing up directly at the GPT site or through a current member as a referral. Each member who has other members sign up through their referral link, earn a percentage of that member's earnings. This does not affect the earnings of the new member, just that the member who referred them earns a percentage of what they earn.

Most GPT sites have a minimum payout before they will relinquish the member's earnings. Some range from $1.00 to $30.00, but most of the GPT sites have a $20.00 minimum. Usually, GPT sites pay their members either by check or through PayPal, while other sites pay through gift cards or products.

The benefit to joining a GPT site is, of course, free money...and who in the world doesn't want free money. On the other hand, you do have to work for the money, at least in the beginning until you build a downline of referrals. By working for it, I mean spending time at your computer, entering your personal information into advertiser's sites, reading emails, visiting sites, etc. There are offers that require you to sign up for a trial period or make a purchase, and these offers usually have a higher payout.

The downside to joining a GPT site is it creates lots and lots of junk email and phone calls. And not to mention the time you spend online away from family and friends, and any household duties that you may have. As for me, I try to limit my online time to after my children go to bed. Unfortunately, I end up online doing GPT sites until 3:00 a.m. That makes for a hard morning.

My suggestion would be to choose a few GPT sites that appeal to you so you don't get so overwhelmed in the beginning. Once you get your "system" down with getting offers to approve, then you should be able to handle more sites. Just remember, the key to GPT sites are referrals, referrals, referrals.


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